I have to admit that I was pretty confused when I started to be more purposefully interested in all the exciting things in the spiritual universe. It was all so exciting that I could not decide what should be my focus

In fact, several years passed where I drifted from one to the other and each time thought that now I had found the right thing - I was fascinated by the many talented mediums in each of their fields.

Sure it was exciting but I would still have liked some help finding my own path in this colorful world.

Therefore, I offer a personal talk and hopefully a clarification of your spiritual standpoint - your mission - so that you more quickly can be led down the path to what is right for you.

We can either agree to physically meet for a talk or we can du it on Skype, Facetime or phone. I will hear about you and what you have experienced so far and at the same time try to decode your path into the spiritual universe.

If you want it can be combined with other of my services such as healing or Soul Journey.