Actually, I am your "interpreter" who asks the spiritual doctors to treat you. My job is then to observe what they think you should be healed for and of course especially what they do to help you.

In practical terms, this is done by making an appointment and 5 minutes before I text you to make sure you are ready.
By ready I mean that you lie or sit in a place where you can relax, you can listen to music, or you can sit out by the water, it does not matter so much, the most important thing is that you have peace around you and can relax completely.

At the agreed time the healing starts, the spiritual doctors are working with by you, and I observe what they do. Sometimes I can physically feel what they do and it is not unusually that if you also physically feel their work.

Before the healing I do not want to know in advance need what you want to be treated for. During the healing the spiritual doctors will show me what they are doing. That way you know that what I am telling you is not affected by anything you yourself have informed me about.

After approx. 10-15 minutes I am done and I call you on yhe phone you can tell me about your experience, and afterwards I read to you what I have written about my observations.

If you have any questions, then this will be the part where i'll answer them.

Finally, I send an email with everything I have written during the healing of the spiritual doctors.