When we, Jan, and I, guide you through the Existence Compass which is placed in our garden and try to clarify both physical and emotional imbalances in a way so that it is your own body that determines both pace and depth. The basic idea is based on ancient Native American philosophy as well to roots back to Shamans and Druids. They have all made use of stone circles and the power that lies in it and the Existence Compass is based on some of these principles. When we work with the Existence Compass, there are basically no right or wrong ways to do it. As you know from all the other ways I work, all truths are true - the truth that lives in you is as real as the one that lives in me. This means that when Jan and I guide you around the Existence Compass, the path is laid out based on your truth and your intention to take the journey.

A Session lasts 1 1/2 hours.

If physical attendance is not possible, we can do the session by proxy, so I will be the stand-in for you and Jan guides the session while you meditate/relax at an agreed time. Afterwards I will call you by skype or facetime to let you know what happened - but you will most likely also have felt it during the session. Write to me and we will make an appointment that suits you.