the journey of your soul

Through "The journey of your soul" I help you to understand your life situation today by looking at some of the stops your soul has been through in previous physical lives.

A "Soul journey" takes place by us agreeing on a time when the journey should take place and 5 min before I contact you to make sure you are sitting in a place where you relax.

Whether you are lying or sitting is irrelevant, the most important thing is just that you feel relaxed.

At the agreed time, I connect with you, and it happens by I "walk" through you and now stand back-to-back, and then I see the past path of your soul.

I walk down this road, and on this road, there are windows in which there is light. I look through the windows and am typically allowed to see between 6 to 10 different lives you have been in.

I write what I see, and when we are done and call you on the phone.

I listen to your experiences, and afterwards I read aloud to you I have written. If you have any questions, I will try to clarify them to you.

When our talk is over, I will send what I have written to you as a regular letter that you will receive a few days later.