Since I was a child, I have always had this indefinable feeling that a lot of things were happening in a kind of parallel world next to my physical world. A feeling that in my adult life has become much more concrete. Today it is a natural part of my daily life.
A feeling that in my adult life has become much more concrete.I dag er det en naturlig del af mit daglige liv.

Most of my working life I have been employed in the financial sector and for the last 20 years it has been primarily teaching. Now I am concerned with helping people to understand themselves better and thus to be better able to tackle life's challenges both physically and spiritually. My strength is a very well-developed ability to connect with people to clearly see and understand their issues. Previously, I helped international mediums arrange tours around Denmark and Europe, but today I, together with my husband Jan, I focus on our own spiritual work.

Originally there was a focus on helping people through the Spiritual Doctors but meeting the many different clients has led us into many other fields.

Today it spreads from the Spiritual Doctors, Soul Journeys, Remote Healing, Spiritual Clarification to Meditations, Workshops and not least our Existence Cards and the Moira Cards.

The last major development took place when we laid our Existence Compass - a stone circle that creates clarity, heals and strengths on many levels.

Under the name La Llimona, I have started designing individual bracelets that are adapted to strengthen exactly the areas you want to work with. When your bracelet is finished, it has been shown to have a fantastic effect when it is subsequently laid out in the Existence Compass and charged before it is sent to you.


The existence compass
$1551 hour 30 min.
$195Approx. 2 hours
$1191 hour
Distance healing
$7030 min.
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